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Janouke Goosen is an actress, singer, dancer, theater maker, musician and teaching artist from The Netherlands. She has worked across the globe and is thrilled to be able to do that with her job. Along her global journey Janouke has found an artistic family, which now is a company called The Syndicatebased in New York. They've met through SITI Company's inaugural SITI Conservatory in 2013/2014 in New York and decided to keep working together. The Syndicate is an ensemble theater company building intimate and spectacular plays from the ground up. 


Besides being an International Artist; Janouke also works as theater maker, currently working in The Netherlands on a show called "De Parade' alongside the director/choreographer Jan van Opstal. It will premiere September 2015 at the Musica Sacra Festival in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Janouke will also perform in this show. 

Janouke also runs a singing school in The Hague, The Netherlands since 2007 and is working as a teaching artist / guestteacher.  

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